About Us

Welcome to Backyard Space Opera! Micro Budget Sci-Fi Media Creation.

Our mission is to create and distribute high quality original science fiction and fantasy content that combines the charm and cost savings of classic practical effects with efficiency of digital filmmaking techniques.

The digital revolution has given us access to incredible filmmaking tools that makes production of quality movies attainable by anyone. And yet, digital special effects remains a divisive topic. We think there’s a place for all types of filmmaking, just like some music calls for electric guitars while other is best heard acoustically. For us, nothing beats the charm and realism of practical effects such as stop motion, puppets, miniatures, and old fashioned monster make up.

Our dream is to combine the best of all techniques and bring engaging science fiction/fantasy epics to life on par with the great movies of yesterday, such as Star Wars, Dune, and Blade Runner, all on a tiny budget using resource movie making techniques.

This blog will chronicle the production and release of our first feature film as well as many other complementary projects along the way. I hope that others will benefit from our experiences in their own work and we can contribute something interesting and fun to the wealth of science fiction and fantasy art that exists today.

Stop Motion Miniature: Ranger